Enviro Farms Tech Ltd is an agricultural company and is a new company that has been incorporated in Nigeria as its operation headquarters while the Corporate and international Headquarters is in London.


The company is an Agricultural company that will address the food shortage in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. We will be engaging in variety of agricultural produce raging from maize, guinea corn, soya bean, beans, yam, plantain, rice, tomatoes, onions, cassava, Cocoa, Cashew Nuts, sesame oil, vanilla, Cocoanuts and other products.

Enviro Farms Tech

Adoption of innovative technology in farming through the use of mobile apps and other forms of technologies.


Modern methods of farming relate to a particular of agricultural production consisting of high capital inputs, manpower, the heavy use of farm equipment including threshers, winnowing machine, harvesters, the heavy use of technology like selective breeding, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The following reasons hinder many farmers to adopt the current method of farming;

  • Unavailable and poor storage facilities that caused wastage and forces small-scale farmers to sell at cheaper price
  • Farmers do not have access to huge market
  • Lack of funding for farmers and insecurity in the country
  • Lack of preservation and processing plants which leads to reduction in the quantity of farm products

More Successful farmers

Having more successful farmers in the country implies that more food will be in circulation, and the Nigeria will be lifted out of food insecurity.

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Farm Machineries

Introducing farm machinaries, which will improve the quantity of crops each farmers will plant and harvest.

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Food Storage Facilities

Enviro Farms has planned to build 500 food storage facilities and 500 food processing plants which Enviro Farms beneficiaries will have free access.

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Empowerment and Humanitarian Nature of the Project

Enviro Farms Tech Limited is an International and Multinational owned company engaged in the business of large-scale commercial farming plans to lift more than 50 Million farmers over the next 5years from peasant and low-income farmers to middle-class and upper-class farmers

Food Processing

Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms. Food processing includes many forms of processing foods. Food processing plants that are to be introduced will prepare any food that has completely gone through all the required preservation processing for market.


Food is heated and then quickly cooled down to kill microorganisms. pasteurisation is widely used in preservation of canned foods, juices and alcoholic beverages. Enviro has planned to over 500 food processing plants which Enviro Farms benefiaries will have free access to

Modified atmosphere packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is based on altering the composition of gases in contact with a food by replacing the air in a sealed food package by strictly controlled gaseous mixtures, containing carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or others. Our benefiaries will be aided to apply Modify atmosphere packaging.


Food additives play an important role in preserving the freshness, safety, taste, appearance and texture of processed foods. Food additives are added for particular purposes, whether to ensure food safety, or to maintain food quality during the shelf-life of a product. Enviro Farms will conduct seminers for its benefiaries on how to apply food additives

Food Preservation

Food preservation includes food processing practices which prevent the growth of microorganisms, such as yeasts, and slow the oxidation of fats that cause rancidity

By preserving food, food waste can be reduced, which is an important way to decrease production costs and increase the efficieny of food systems, improve food security and nutrition and contribute towards environmental sustainability.


What We Do

Our intention is to establish a farm project that would be an Agricultural revolution in Nigeria and this would be first of its kind in Nigeria in Particular and Africa in General. We would be uplifting in the next five years more than 20 million farmers from low income earners to Middle class income earners. Our intention is to develop farming from been a way of life among Nigerians to a very profitable business.

Farm Banking

Enviro farms have designed an easy model that would give easily access to banking to all farmers.

Farm Health

Providing farmers and their immediate family health facilities, health insurance, hospitals, and medicare.

Farm Security

Farm operations include funding and training of farm personnel to secure and protect farm infrastructure.

Farm Technology

Enviro Farms overall goal driven by technology, with the aim of revamping the Nigerian agricultural sector.

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